The WATOC support all Triumph Owners clubs wishing to be united in making sure that their members can and will travel the world of Triumphs.

The WATOC is established in 1996. We are a group people representing our clubs. The aim of the WATOC is to make sure we know how to find each other, to share our calendars, we learn of how the clubs are running, enabling our members to travel abroad. We have no rules, no membership fee, we are all volunteers supporting the clubs. 

We meet annually in one of the European countries. This to make our bounds tighter then ever. 

Every associated clubs has an ILO's (International Liaison Officer), a contact person in the WATOC. They welcome you when you like to know about their rallies or club. 

Supporting the ILO's are Geoff Walton as Coordinator and Paul ten Broeke as scribe during the meeting. We do what we can to make it work together. 

Next is the official photo and the screen shot of the teams meeting with our Australian and New Zealand ILO, of the meeting last October, hosted by the TMOC-Germany.

Club Triton France

ILO: Andre Chardin

TOMCC Norway

ILO: Thor Christer Hoimyr Karlsen

TOMCC Sweden

ILO: Ulf Frossling

TOMCC Danmark

ILO: Palle Munk

TOCN Netherlands

ILO: Ton Visser

TOMCC New Zealand

ILO: Ken Spall

TOMCC Australia

ILO; Dan Gilliard


ILO: Geoff Walton 

TMOC Germany

ILO: Ulrich Longengel

WATOC Coordinator

Geoff Walton

Scribe and general support

Paul ten Broeke